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If you have visited my primary blog, www.rosemarygulledge.blogspot.com, you know that I have bookoodles of designs! Many of them are not pictured because there is simply no more room! I visited a blog once and the blogger had created a 2nd blog for season designs, and I thought it was BRILLIANT! So, here is my work-in-progress! I have only begun to add photos of all of my seasonal designs! I've got to dig through old CD's and find pics of a lot of them, so bare with me!

Please note:
AC ~ Applique Cafe designs found at www.appliquecafe.com
EB ~ Embroidery Boutique designs found at www.embroidery-boutique.com

Applique Cafe is on Facebook!

Applique Cafe is on Facebook!
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Friday, January 15, 2010

More designs...

I'm slowly adding my seasonal designs to this blog, but have so many pictures that are on old CD's that I have to dig through! I have most all of the seasonal designs from http://www.embroidery-boutique.com/ and have listed most of them here. But, if you see something on EB you don't see here, e-mail me! I probably have it! I also have 2 bunny patches from http://www.bunnycup.com/ off the top of my head!

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I'm married to Jeff and we have 3 kids; Browder, Garrison ("G") and Mallory ("Sissy")! After working for The Frazer Lanier Company for 10 years, I "retired" in May 2007 to stay at home with Browder and Garrison, and now Mallory too! Embroidery keeps me busy during naptime (and late at night) and I love being creative!! Jeff & I also recently started a website for applique designs we sell to other embroidery gurus, which is www.appliquecafe.com!